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Thread: difference between Ubuntu/hardy and Ubuntu/8.04?

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    Default difference between Ubuntu/hardy and Ubuntu/8.04?

    I was having a really huge problem trying to compile under Ubuntu hardy 64-bit. Until I found a complex solution. And then I found a more easy solution. See my thread here to know what I mean.

    The problem was that in the first case I used
    sudo sh --buildpkg Ubuntu/hardy
    And the 'correct' way was
    sudo sh --buildpkg Ubuntu/8.04
    And my BIG question is: shouldn't the scripts for Ubuntu/Hardy and Ubuntu/8.04 do the same thing? Did someone forget to synch them, for the last two Catalyst releases?

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    shouldn't matter, hardy is the codename for ubuntu version 8.04

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    I know that. But the scripts behave differently. (although the names refer to the same OS)

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    On my x64 build I had a bit of an issue with some of the symlinks left from the default hardy install.
    But once I had fixed them it installed fine with Ubuntu/hardy, there is no difference between the two, I just built with both options and it made the same files as outputs.

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