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Thread: 3870x2 (8.5 CCC) wont work on newly installed 8.04

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    Default 3870x2 (8.5 CCC) wont work on newly installed 8.04

    Its unbelievable for a graphic-card reseller to through a high-end graphic-card on the market without a functionable Driver for linux especially for ubuntu.
    Im waiting since month to get finally work this card.

    I tried it with 8.3, radeonhd, 8.4 and the new version 8.47 (8.5).

    The hours I spended made me crazy.
    I tried it in all kind of ways, that youll possibly find in the internet.
    I tried it with brand new installation, gutsy gibbon, and hardy, old, differnce kernel-versions
    I tried the ati-driver and the ubuntu way also.
    I tried ever possibility i found in the internet, also to hack the driver.
    What I get is always the same error.

    No device......

    Here is my System.

    MSI 965 Platinum
    Intel 6420 Core Duo 2,13GHz
    Corsair 2 x 1GB (800, 5,5,5,12).
    Apple Cinema HD Monitor 30".

    Its now time to say goodbye ATI, and welcome NVIDIA. I`ll take my old NVIDIA 8800 GTS and have fun under Linux.

    Thats what i want to say now, because im totally frustrated to lost 450 Euro for nothing.

    Sincerely Mardenkain
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