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Thread: HowTo test newest radeon/radeonhd/mesa from a live CD

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    Default HowTo test newest radeon/radeonhd/mesa from a live CD

    I have set up a Ubuntu package repository for development versions of Xorg components (see This can be used from a Ubuntu live CD, to safely test without modifying your normal installation.

    1. Boot from a Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop CD ( To save fossil trees, please use a bootable USB stick instead of burning CDs. Run "usb-creator" to install the ISO image onto your USB stick, or see for instance for the hard way.

    2. If you use wireless networking etc, get connected to internet.

    3. Download the xorg-edgers-live-test script from (if you haven't already copied it to your USB stick)

    4. Only for using the radeonhd driver:
    Run the command
    sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd
    or edit the xorg-edgers-live-test script and uncomment the corresponding line in the script. If radeonhd is installed, it will be picked instead of radeon.

    3. Switch to a virtual console with Ctrl-Alt-F1

    4. Run
    sudo sh /cdrom/xorg-edgers-live-test
    if you copied it to your USB stick, or if you just downloaded it:
    sudo sh ~/Desktop/xorg-edgers-live-test
    5. Sit back and breath calmly, and watch while your computer loads and fires up fresh Xorg goodies.

    Note that the package repository is updated more or less regularly, and things might break. That's the nature of development versions.

    EDIT: updated to 9.04
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