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Thread: A few questions about video decode acceleration

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    duby229, I think we may be talking about different things. I'm talking about how the DRM-related hardware in a graphics chip fits into the big picture; you're talking about whether the overall protection scheme can be cracked.

    What I'm saying is that if you have a licensed player (any of the HD/BD players available today AFAIK) then it will not play unless the OS tells it that the playback path is secure and that the outputs are either protected or sufficiently low resolution that nobody cares. If you have a player that does not observe the licensing rules, all the DRM hardware in the world is not going to make a difference. This is why I don't see why you're unhappy with the presence of DRM hardware in the chips.

    DRM hardware and driver support is a pre-requisite for selling into the Windows market, which represents maybe 99% of our sales. I would really like to believe that the movie industry would quake in fear because we refused to support DRM, but the term "bug on a windshield" comes to mind.
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