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    Default Questions regarding gaming hardware


    I am going to buy a new desktop computer. The two main usages for the computer will be gaming and computer virtualization, gaming for leisure and virtualization for work. I title the thread for gaming because if the setup gives enough cpu-power for games it should feed my virt. needs. RAM i will have.

    First i was thinking of an Intel based cpu, but iam interested in running 64-bit linux. Though iam not sure if an amd64 gentoo system will support all the applications i want to run, and no packages in portage seem to support ia64. AMD/ATI is also doing a lot of nice moves toward openness. Therefore i think i will go for an AMD/ATI Phenom.
    Any input from you on AMD/ATI vs. Intel when it comes to 64-bit support on linux? Sure Intel have more power, but Phenom seems enough for me and i start to really like AMD/ATI. There is a lot of talk about future Phenom processors, will they use the same socket (AM2+)?

    If i run an AMD/ATI processor i would like to run an ATI based card. I have been looking at Asus Extreme HD3870 512MB GDDR4. The Nvidia card i have been interested in is: Asus Extreme GeForce 8800GT 1024 MB. Any opinions about those cards running under linux? What about their performance today and in the future?
    I have read reviews and tests about both cards and i find them quite equal. I am mostly playing Team Fortress 2, but i would like to be able to play future games too. But iam not gfx junkie ;-)

    Does anyone have any good/bad experiences about any ASUS motherboards? I have been looking for reviews at phoronix and found one, but user experiences are always nice! If i go for AMD i will most likely go for: Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe.

    What do you think about crossfire and/or SLI under linux in the future? How is the support today?

    Answers on any question above is appreciated!

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