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Just one final question before i purchase. I am quite into green things, some people laugh and some people cheer. I like to make decisions that is environmentally friendly. Many manufacturers have start to make green products and i would like to encourage that.

Therefore i would like to know if anyone know if ASUS has any green mobo, like the Gigabyte one reviewed on Phoronix.com (http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?pag...es_green&num=1)

Currently iam into this PSU "be quiet! Dark Power Pro First Class 450W". But i do not know if it is really green, but it is stable and low watt. At least compared to what my friends put in their machines.

I don't know of any ASUS "green" motherboards but there may be some out there. For the PSU go for one that is 80 PLUS certified and you'll have a fairly green PSU.