Somehow I got the bad impression that Anisotropic Filtering with fglrx is not working as expected. At least in the PTS benchmark etqw-demo there is *no* real difference in the fps numbers when I force on AF via amdcccle. As you can see in my test results at global.pts.com, changing the setting for AA does make a real difference (and it is easy to see). Where AF seems to make basically no difference and I see no difference either (maybe my eyes are just too bad?). Some fluctuations in the numbers are normal since I reduced the number of runs per benchmark from three to one since otherwise it would take ages to be done with them.

So either AMD has done some *really* great work with their implementation of AF speed wise in the HD3850 512MB I got, or the combination of fglrx with AF on and etqw-demo is causing some real problems. Of course I am using the latest fglrx driver (and since I use kernel 2.6.25 I don't want to/can downgrade it...).

Has anyone of you made similar experiences? Is it just etqw-demo not supporting AF?