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Can you please do a comparison between Vector Linux (i686 optimized) and some i386 and i586 optimized distribution? There are many posts on the internet that discuss how i686 users experience faster response time from their distributions, but then there are others on those same threads that say that this cannot be true. Can you please put this to the test for us?

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I would compare VL with Slackware, Slax and Zenwalk, then I would compare Slackware with Yoper and other 686-optimized, then Slackware with Debian Etch and at the end I would compare Debian Etch with Debian Lenny, Mepis and Sidux

I'm thinking at running PTS on my notebook, in order to compare some amd64 distros (opensuse 10.3, sidux64 and slamd64)