I recently posted about a bad experience with the Asus Crosshair II Formula motherboard, but it gets worse, and I would like your advice.

Last month I purchased the Asus Crosshair II Formula motherboard. However, about after 2 hours of using it a capacitor exploded. I RMAed my board back to Newegg, and get another one about 2 weeks ago. This one, I installed and the audio did not work (I know for a fact that the audio of this board *should* work with my setup, because it worked with my first beard - well, that is until the capacitor exploded, then, of course, audio did not work.) In addition, the memory timings were off, even if I hard set them, they would want to be (ddr2 937 3-3-3-30t)

At this point, I started reading the Asus forums heavily and looking at Newegg reviews. I noticed that both the Asus Crosshair II Formula, and the Asus Striker II Formula (and Extreme) seemed to have a large number of complaints like post issues, memory timings, reboots, etc.. Both these motherboards use the NVIDIA 780a, 780i, and 790i chipsets, respectively. I then noticed that Asus was first to the market with all these extreme-gamer-high-end motherboards. Just recently, has an MSI motherboard with the 780a chipset appeared on Newegg (and it has a much better rating than the Crosshair II Formula). This leads me to believe that Asus cut R&D and quality control in order to get this board out first.

My 3rd board should arrive UPS today. I'm not even going to put this board in my computer to test it, I'm just going to try it on top of the box it arrived in. I hope it works because the motherborad's specs are very nice, if it does work it should be a beast. However, I fear it will not.

So far, I am out a bit less than a month of time and about $22 (from shipping the board back to Newegg). The problem is this board is listed as non-refundable on Newegg. So, I'm wondering what I can do. I *could* RMA it again, and then be out $33, and wait 2 weeks only to find out that the next board won't work either. I don't want to keep RMAing it until Asus finally realized their errors and comes out with a new batch which is fixed. Between my first and second motherboard Newegg agreed to refund it, but I said I'll give it another shot (I did not realize it would be this bad). If Newegg does refund it, I don't want to have to pay the 15% restocking fee, I would instead pay the 0% its-going-into-the-trash-can fee, because thats where its going; either in California trash system, or back to Asus and then in the Taiwan trash system. (In addition, I can short-circuit the UPS fee by just taking a video of me putting it in the dumpster and sending it to Newegg as proof.)

What do you think I should do? (If I quit, I have an AMD Phenom and 8GBs of ram sitting in my desk drawer.)