I installed opensuse 11.0 and upgraded my Xserver to 7.4 and Mesa to 7.2. My xf86-video-ati is 6.9.0. Now all i need for OSS R500 3D support is the kernel drm. In Debian all I had to do, was update my kernel to 2.6.26 <in lenny now>. Suse AFAIK doesnt ship kernel updates within the distro's life cycle. So;

a) Is there a 2.6.26 or some 2.6.25 branch of SUSE kernel rpm's available with the drm built-in? (I dont wanna take the pain of building a new 2.6.26 kernel from source, though will do it if i have no other choice. )

b) Is there a package for just the R500 DRM? <Again I know i can download drm from git and compile it, but don wanna take the pain if possible>