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Thread: Contributors To The X Server

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    Grep for Kano

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    Interesting article, its nice to be able to see who all the devs actually work for Isn't Hong Liu (0.08%) liuhong (0.03%) at Intel the same person?

    Another look at xorg anaylsis can be seen here

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    Default No consideration of time in employer

    It would be very helpful if the scripts considered changes in employment over time, or ran for shorter time frames. Many of the largest contributors have worked/volunteered for numerous organizations over the years, so the grouping isn't as valuable as it could be.

    A couple other little nits: alphabetical sorting is not as useful as numerical, and having them in tables with names and numbers in separate columns would allow anyone to resort using something like the Firefox TableTools extensions. BTW, have you considered asking for LWN's scripts that do this?

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    Same list but reordered by author contributions and then affiliation. The twenty most active authors have submitted 80% of the contributions.

    1;Peter Hutterer ;10.79;Other ;31.72
    2;Daniel Stone ;9.64;Nokia ;9.66
    3;Adam Jackson ;9.35;Red Hat ;15.98
    4;Eric Anholt ;6.99;Intel ;13.51
    5;Eamon Walsh ;6.96;Other ;31.72
    6;Keith Packard ;6.09;Intel ;13.51
    7;Alan Coopersmith ;4.79;Sun Microsystems ;5.42
    8;Jeremy Huddleston ;3.11;Apple ;5.61
    9;Ian Romanick ;2.92;IBM ;3.21
    10;Ben Byer ;2.49;Apple ;5.61
    11;Michel Dänzer ;2.22;Tungsten Graphics ;4.07
    12;Kristian Høgsberg ;2;Red Hat ;15.98
    13;Alexander Gottwald ;1.96;Other ;31.72
    14;Roland Mainz ;1.83;Other ;31.72
    15;Kevin E Martin ;1.69;Red Hat ;15.98
    16;Egbert Eich ;1.52;Novell / SuSE ;3.95
    17;Søren Sandmann Pedersen ;1.4;Red Hat ;15.98
    18;Alan Hourihane ;1.38;Tungsten Graphics ;4.07
    19;Dodji Seketeli ;1.28;Other ;31.72
    20;Dave Airlie ;1.18;Red Hat ;15.98
    21;Aaron Plattner ;1.11;NVIDIA ;1.12
    22;Matthieu Herrb ;1.06;FreeBSD / NetBSD ;1.42
    23;Greg KroahHartman ;1.04;Novell / SuSE ;3.95
    24;George Sapountzis ;0.66;Other ;31.72
    25;Matthias Hopf ;0.66;Novell / SuSE ;3.95
    26;David Nusinow ;0.65;Debian ;1.42
    27;David Reveman ;0.56;Novell / SuSE ;3.95
    28;Kaleb Keithley ;0.53;Other ;31.72
    29;Tiago Vignatti ;0.53;Other ;31.72
    30;Stuart Kreitman ;0.51;Sun Microsystems ;5.42
    31;Matthew Allum ;0.49;Other ;31.72
    32;Torrey Lyons ;0.44;Other ;31.72
    33;Tilman Sauerbeck ;0.39;Other ;31.72
    34;Julien Cristau ;0.35;Debian ;1.42
    35;Phil Blundell ;0.34;Other ;31.72
    36;Anders Carlsson ;0.3;Other ;31.72
    37;Jeremy C. Reed ;0.29;FreeBSD / NetBSD ;1.42
    38;Harold L Hunt II ;0.27;Other ;31.72
    39;Magnus Vigerlöf ;0.27;Other ;31.72
    40;Benjamin Herrenschmidt ;0.27;IBM ;3.21
    41;Donnie Berkholz ;0.27;Gentoo ;0.37
    42;Drew Parsons ;0.25;Debian ;1.42
    43;Lars Knoll ;0.23;Other ;31.72
    44;Zephaniah E. Hull ;0.23;Other ;31.72
    45;David Dawes ;0.2;Other ;31.72
    46;Thomas Winischhofer ;0.2;Other ;31.72
    47;Jesse Barnes ;0.2;Intel ;13.51
    48;Zack Rusin ;0.2;Tungsten Graphics ;4.07
    49;Thomas Hellstrom ;0.18;Tungsten Graphics ;4.07
    50;Alex Deucher ;0.18;ATI/AMD ;0.34
    51;Franco Catrin L ;0.17;Other ;31.72
    52;Fredrik Höglund ;0.17;Other ;31.72
    53;Marc Aurele La France ;0.17;Other ;31.72
    54;Luc Verhaegen ;0.15;Novell / SuSE ;3.95
    55;Samuel Thibault ;0.13;Other ;31.72
    56;Carl Worth ;0.13;Red Hat ;15.98
    57;Ross Burton ;0.11;Other ;31.72
    58;Felix Kuehling ;0.11;ATI/AMD ;0.34
    59;Carlos Romero ;0.1;Other ;31.72
    60;Jon Smirl ;0.1;Other ;31.72
    61;Colin Harrison ;0.08;Other ;31.72
    62;Kensuke Matsuzaki ;0.08;Other ;31.72
    63;Maarten Maathuis ;0.08;Other ;31.72
    64;Sascha Hlusiak ;0.08;Other ;31.72
    65;Vladimir Dergachev ;0.08;Other ;31.72
    66;Owen Taylor ;0.08;Red Hat ;15.98
    67;Hong Liu ;0.08;Intel ;13.51
    68;Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade ;0.08;Mandriva ;0.18
    69;Bogdan Diaconescu ;0.06;Other ;31.72
    70;Brent Cook ;0.06;Other ;31.72
    71;Chris Lee ;0.06;Other ;31.72
    72;Dan Nicholson ;0.06;Other ;31.72
    73;James Cloos ;0.06;Other ;31.72
    74;Jaymz Julian ;0.06;Other ;31.72
    75;Kean Johnson ;0.06;Other ;31.72
    76;Luo Jie ;0.06;Other ;31.72
    77;Otavio Salvador ;0.06;Other ;31.72
    78;Arjan van de Ven ;0.06;Intel ;13.51
    79;Brice Goglin ;0.06;Debian ;1.42
    80;Gustavo Pichorim Boiko ;0.06;Mandriva ;0.18
    81;Arkadiusz Miskiewicz ;0.05;Other ;31.72
    82;Chris Wilson ;0.05;Other ;31.72
    83;Damien Ciabrini ;0.05;Other ;31.72
    84;Paulo Ricardo Zanoni ;0.05;Other ;31.72
    85;Rich Coe ;0.05;Other ;31.72
    86;Rik Faith ;0.05;Red Hat ;15.98
    87;Deron Johnson ;0.05;Sun Microsystems ;5.42
    88;Daniel Drake ;0.05;Gentoo ;0.37
    89;Bart Trojanowski ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    90;Bernardo Innocenti ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    91;Brad Smith ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    92;Ed Catmur ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    93;Fatih Asici ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    94;Hasso Tepper ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    95;Ivan Pascal ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    96;James Steven Supancic III ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    97;Jens Granseuer ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    98;Jonathan Lim ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    99;Julien Goodwin ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    100;Juliusz Chroboczek ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    101;Jurij Smakov ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    102;Peter Harris ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    103;Pierre Willenbrock ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    104;Remigiusz Marcinkiewicz ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    105;Robin Cutshaw ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    106;Stuart R. Anderson ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    107;Warren Turkal ;0.03;Other ;31.72
    108;liuhong ;0.03;Intel ;13.51
    109;Brian Paul ;0.03;Tungsten Graphics ;4.07
    110;Roland Scheidegger ;0.03;Tungsten Graphics ;4.07
    111;Bastian Blank ;0.03;Debian ;1.42
    112;Joshua Baergen ;0.03;Gentoo ;0.37
    113;Ademar de Souza Reis Jr ;0.03;Mandriva ;0.18
    114;Bjorn Helgaas ;0.03;HewlettPackard ;0.1
    115;Jay Estabrook ;0.03;HewlettPackard ;0.1
    116;Alberto Mardegan ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    117;Bartosz Fabianowski ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    118;Ben Skeggs ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    119;Benjamin Close ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    120;Benjamin Tissoires ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    121;Bernhard Rosenkraenzer ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    122;Blair Sadewitz ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    123;Bram Verweij ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    124;Brian Rogers ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    125;Clark Rawlins ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    126;Coleman Kane ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    127;Colin Guthrie ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    128;Daniel Ciocea ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    129;David Nolden ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    130;Elvis Pranskevichus ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    131;Erik Andren ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    132;Eugene Konev ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    133;Eugeniy Meshcheryakov ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    134;George Fufutos ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    135;Gero Mudersbach ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    136;Gerte Hoogewerf ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    137;Goneri Le Bouder ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    138;Hans de Goede ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    139;Jeff Smith ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    140;Jernej Azarija ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    141;Kazuhiro Inaoka ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    142;Laurence Withers ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    143;Lennart Buytenhek ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    144;Lukáš Turek ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    145;Marius Gedminas ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    146;Mark Vytlacil ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    147;Markku Vire ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    148;Markus Kuhn ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    149;Martin Bochnig ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    150;Matt Turner ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    151;Naoki Hamada ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    152;Nicolas Trangez ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    153;Peter Breitenlohner ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    154;Ralph Thomas ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    155;Richard Purdie ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    156;Rudo Thomas ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    157;Seth W. Klein ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    158;Simon Thum ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    159;Stefan Huehner ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    160;Thomas Jaeger ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    161;Tomas Janousek ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    162;Tormod Volden ;0.01;Other ;31.72
    163;Adam Tkac ;0.01;Red Hat ;15.98
    164;Bill Nottingham ;0.01;Red Hat ;15.98
    165;Dave Jones ;0.01;Red Hat ;15.98
    166;David S. Miller ;0.01;Red Hat ;15.98
    167;Mike A. Harris ;0.01;Red Hat ;15.98
    168;Dirk Hohndel ;0.01;Intel ;13.51
    169;Xiang. Haihao ;0.01;Intel ;13.51
    170;Andrew Christan ;0.01;Nokia ;9.66
    171;Carl Switzky ;0.01;Sun Microsystems ;5.42
    172;Henry Zhao ;0.01;Sun Microsystems ;5.42
    173;Jay Cotton ;0.01;Sun Microsystems ;5.42
    174;Sam Lau ;0.01;Sun Microsystems ;5.42
    175;Paul Mackerras ;0.01;IBM ;3.21
    176;Branden Robinson ;0.01;Debian ;1.42
    177;Christian Weisgerber ;0.01;FreeBSD / NetBSD ;1.42
    178;Gerhard Tonn ;0.01;Debian ;1.42
    179;Jared D. McNeill ;0.01;FreeBSD / NetBSD ;1.42
    180;Kanru Chen ;0.01;Debian ;1.42
    181;Matthias Drochner ;0.01;FreeBSD / NetBSD ;1.42
    182;Otto Moerbeek ;0.01;FreeBSD / NetBSD ;1.42
    183;Arcady GoldmintsOrlov ;0.01;NVIDIA ;1.12
    184;Hanno Boeck ;0.01;Gentoo ;0.37
    185;Hui YU ;0.01;ATI/AMD ;0.34
    186;Jordan Crouse ;0.01;ATI/AMD ;0.34
    187;Doug Chapman ;0.01;HewlettPackard ;0.1
    188;Myron Stowe ;0.01;HewlettPackard ;0.1
    189;Roland Bär ;0;Other ;31.72
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    The article seems to miss the fact that Daniel Stone is a Debian Developer, and was active in the Debian X11 maintenance/packaging in the past.

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    no one from ubuntu/canonical?? ironic since ubuntu is right now the desktop distro with the highest hype and according to distrowatch the most popular

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    Quote Originally Posted by seba View Post
    no one from ubuntu/canonical?? ironic since ubuntu is right now the desktop distro with the highest hype and according to distrowatch the most popular
    that's for users, not developers :-P


    Michael: good job! :-D

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    It's kinda interesting to see people expecting the same amount of development work from Ubuntu (backed by a private, unsustainable company) vs OpenSUSE (backed by Novell, a multi-million revenue company) and Fedora (backed by Redhat, same thing).

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    I'm surprised how much Intel has put in to be honest.

    I wonder if X.Org would be better with more ATI / Nvidia support.

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    Well it would be nice if nvidia would fix the nv driver so that it actually worked properly with all their cards.

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