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Thread: Got a question for Max Spevack?

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    Well, with our upcoming interview of Mark Shuttleworth -- -- it is now time to prepare for a Q&A session with Max Spevack.

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    I have received word from Max Spevack that he would be interested in a Phoronix interview around the time of Fedora 7 Test 3 (end of March/early April). So if you have any questions you would like answered by Max Spevack about the Fedora Project or Linux in general, post them as a comment here or in the Phoronix Forums. You may recall our Greg DeKoenigsberg interview from Fedora Core 5. There are also the questions from our Mark Shuttleworth interview.

    So if you have any questions for Max about Fedora, be sure to post them.

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    Cool! Yeah, I got one. There's been talk about having a "tickless" kernel, whereas IINM right now it's set at 250 Hz. Some have said 100 Hz is too unresponsive, while 1000 Hz would drain notebook batteries too fast. What is Fedora's stance on this issue? Will you consider forking the distro into a "desktop/workstation version" and a "notebook-optimized version"? Or is the difference negligeable and not worth the effort?

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    What are in Max oppinion the main differences/which thinks does Fedora better than Ubuntu? So why should an user use Fedora instead of Ubuntu?

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