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My apologies for misunderstanding. I was reading a thread, (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=72858) to be exact, where this is discussion about a lack of 2d acceleration for certain features. AA was also mentioned. Many people seem to think that cards from two generations prior are faster than even the latest nvidia cards in 2d.

What you said about how it is toolkit specific makes perfect sense to me, but I guess at the lowest level I thought it all boiled down to driver implementation - as in the way that the toolkit ends up sending information to the driver. It would seem that acceleration of additional features would improve performance in various areas of 2d including fonts.

Sorry if I derailed the thread.
I was referring to the thread you mentioned, not to you specifically. The driver implementation if a linux kernel object, which does nothing else than operate on the hardware level. I'm sure nVidia could somehow come up with a hack for X to accelerate certain parts, and that would possibly satisfy the starter of that thread, but it is far from an ideal solution - in my opinion, and I hope it'll never come to that. Perhaps, in the future, if the entire X server depends on the GPU, it will be an attractive solution.