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Thread: LGP's "X3: Reunion" Nears Completion

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    Default LGP's "X3: Reunion" Nears Completion

    Phoronix: LGP's "X3: Reunion" Nears Completion

    Back when we told you that LGP is porting Sacred Gold to Linux, we had also mentioned that the port of Egosoft's X3: Reunion would be completed shortly. Beta 9 was expected to be the release master, and this afternoon the private beta testers for Linux Game Publishing were greeted by this release...

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    Nice Can't wait to get my hands on it (I preordered the special edition a looooooong time ago). Hopefully LGP can port Terran Conflict too when it's done.

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    +1 for Terran Conflict.

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    Minor bugs aside, the latest beta (no idea if I can say which...) is looking good.
    I wouldn't be too surprised if X3/Linux is released during the summer.

    As for Terran Conflict, I can only assume that it'll be LGP's next project. (Hopefully it'll be solved as a cheap[er] upgrade kit)

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