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Thread: X1600 Pro AGP 512MB fix

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    Default X1600 Pro AGP 512MB fix

    I've been trying to get my card to work with fglrx for a while now but without any errors in the xorg log i would boot to a black screen and the machine would hang.

    To resolve this issue i had to enter the bios (gigabyte) and press CTRL+F1 for advanced options. Within one of the menus is the option for AGP aparture size. Setting this to the highest setting (256) resolved my problem.

    EDIT: This needs to be moved to the AMD/ATI Linux drivers section apologies for posting in the wrong section.

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    Same thing. My X1950-512mb AGP works with "AGP Aperture Size" = 256mb, but any 3D app hang X server and DRI working fine only with aperture 512mb. (nForce2 chipset)

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