I have
M2R32-MVP ASUS CF ADM580 \Phenom 9600@2.5Ghz\4Gb DDR2 NCP 800Mhz\320GB HDD\512mb ATI 3870X2
I can change videocard to X2900XT 512Mb.

Ubuntu 8.04 64bit Catalyst 8.6 .run Wine 1.0 (latest)

1.Exist automatically installer 'setup.bin' or 'setup.run' that can install any needed files without annoying .conf edition and other crap?

2.This game is played under Linux!
Under Wine+Nvidia

Latest test results,Ati is best! - http://www.radeon.ru/?select=more&f=2008_06&new=100

I don't want buy Nvidia or Windows,don't need.
Why i cannot play?