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Thread: LGP Introduces Linux Game Copy Protection

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    1) lack of availability through legal means, a large amount of the gaming crowd simply do not have the means to order product online. Many of them are kids with no creditcard.
    Not a good excuse, really. I know that's the reasoning- but the reality is, the people pirating this way are perpetuating the problem. This is one of the OTHER reasons we have a hell of a time getting deals, deanjo.

    2)price. I know the justifications for the price but reality is people can't see value in spending $40-$60 for a game that's sitting in a bargin bin for $2-5
    We've went over this in other threads. And while I agree the price as a problem and their reasoning for lifting infringed copies, they're still making the problem worse. The "piracy" angle, I've tried to diminish it because it's a touchy subject in this space; and we seem to have a real problem. It's got to stop if we want to see better sooner. I don't care how- educate the people that they're contributing to the very problem they're "fixing" by pirating the stuff.

    3) being burned with the loki fiasco
    Excuse me... How did getting burned with a single company excuse this sort of conduct? And, I honestly and SERIOUSLY doubt that anyone that was using Linux in the days of Loki's existence would be pirating anything- they know PRECISELY what's at stake in most cases, and wouldn't be ripping people off. The people doing the pirating seem to be newcomers to the Linux community and don't get that this isn't just a "free" (as in no cost...) alternative to Windows.

    I'm sure sales would be a lot better if the availability of the product improved and prices were within what people consider an appropriate price.
    I'm sure that the availability of the product would improve and the prices would come down if we could justify selling 10k units or more like the Windows crowd gets. You're not going to SEE that with the piracy going on. This isn't a charity- and someone taking something they didn't pay for doesn't help get better things for you.
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