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Thread: LGP Introduces Linux Game Copy Protection

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    Not sure about the 'never allow it floor space' bit, ATI and Nvidia seem to be about to enter a battle to prove who loves linux more and ATI is sticking tux on the box for the first time. Add to that the pole on the ETQW forum that had windows well and truly pushed into second place (linux 63% if my memory is good today) and the stores may start climbing over each other to tell us how much they love linux within a few years.
    For the kind of money LGP is looking for it would be worth there while to offer a commission to stores for taking orders. Fair enough, the company behind the stores may be counting the sales in thousands but there is plenty of rubbish in the stores themselves that would be lucky to sell a single copy. At some stage they will have a market viability test for linux games and if that works out were in there.
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