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Thread: Which gfx card with 3D acceleration to buy?

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    Question Which gfx card with 3D acceleration to buy?

    Hi. I didn't find a forum for gfx cards in general, so hope there is not only ATI fans reading this one

    I'm going to build a computer and I want a good gfx card where 3D accel is working in Linux. (will use the PC for some games in Windows so therefore a good gfx) In my old machine I upgraded from Radeon 7500 to x1650 Pro, but actually it was a downgrade. Everything is more problematic. Watching DVDs are lagging and pixelated. Google earth is extremely slow with the x1650 and the closed source drivers are not working (fglrx gives black screen and system lockup).

    So which is better choice NVIDIA or ATI? My mind was set on a 8800 GT or 9800 GT, but as I see that ATI is now supporting Linux I'm wondering about a Radeon HD 4850. Which cards will give me 3D? Not necessarily today, but sometime before end of the year...

    EDIT: Of course now I saw that there is a gfx card forum and that I'm in the xorg forum. Sorry!
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