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Thread: Which gfx card with 3D acceleration to buy?

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    Hmmm. Maybe I'll try the live CD myself. Thanks !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bridgman View Post
    Hmmm. Maybe I'll try the live CD myself. Thanks !!
    I upgraded ubuntu (after the dvd install 8.04) and then ran the hacked script again. I know I shouldn't but didn't bother to do all the steps in the wiki. Everything works like a charm!

    I noticed that compiz wasn't activated in xfce4 so I ran it from a terminal and now I get all kinds of effects lightening fast. I also get real video playback and little Xorg CPU consumption.

    Thanks a great deal to all that helped me here !!!

    This brings back some faith in ATI cards. I just hope that they keep on supporting open source driver development for their high end cards (and improve the performance of the hardware of course ;-) )

    I'll be building another machine for somebody else with a 8500 GT card. From this I'll get some more experience with the NVIDIA so I can judge better if ATI or NVIDIA is the way to go. I'll report back!

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