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Thread: KDE 4.1 Beta 2 Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealNC View Post
    The problem with Debian unstable is that it crashes every few hours while unstable branches/repositories of other distros are running just fine.

    Debian unstable (and testing too!) are more or less bugged like hell.
    You're absolutely clueless.
    We don't even release updates every few hours (what you're saying is technically impossible).

    Do other distros even have three branches?

    Please add some actual facts and examples instead of blindly bashing something you obviously don't understand.
    Sid only accepts packages that are "supposed" to be bug-free (upstream).
    Testing gets them if they don't break the current snapshot.

    PS: ...and if you do find a bug, please file a bug report.
    Leeching is easy, try doing something constructive.

    PS PS: For those using testing/unstable, every update that has a known bug (mostly upstream) comes with a warning.
    Do read it and don't install it if you don't understand it.
    It's really that easy.
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