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    Default Put the wish list for porting projects HERE...


    While I'm not wholly of the opinion that this is going to accomplish something useful (The big players just don't work the way most of everyone thinks they's more akin to the record business these days- keep that in mind...); taking up suggestions and trying to come up with something that is more working towards changing the rules that're in place now strikes me as a better use of MY time and everyone else's time in the long run. I kind of opened the flood gates when I threw it out for suggestions. So, rather than having some of the good ideas go bye-bye, lost in an essentially unrelated thread, I thought it best to move the discussion (and the requests) over to a new thread with that as it's topic.

    Ground Rules:

    The title HAS to be a practical one. The rights holder HAS to be reachable in some manner. The rights holder has to be at least NOT openly hostile towards Linux use (That means Dungeon Siege is right out... ). AAaaand the rights holder has to have the source code in HAND in it's entirety and be willing to allow a port.

    I can help with some projects, but not others. I am NOT going into competition with LGP on publishing or running counter to their porting efforts. I am still under contract for some things and there are business dealings and projects that I kind of need to maintain a good relationship with them for now.

    Some suggestions will entail money. Unless someone ponies it up or can manage to pass the hat for it (Unless there's a business involved, though, you're going to find that this will be nigh impossible right at the moment...) there can be no ports of that specific game unless you sell the rights holder on the idea of them doing it themselves.

    Don't be too hurt if your suggestion is shot down for any problems with above items.

    With that... The floor's open. Falcon 4.0's been suggested and it's being checked into for a serious project however the chips may land in that deal.


    Here's a list of the current prospects and dead ends as of today (05/12/2009) as I've tabulated them up to this point- there may be new ones lurking in the thread and some stragglers in the thread that precipitated this one that I'm in the process of doing the initial checking on.

    I'm listing the dead ends first. Keep in mind that these are all in this list for problems with availability of source code or rights access. Some of these were mentioned as dead ends out of the gate by one of the posters in the thread or, under review, were determined by myself to be non-practical requests. If, for some reason, you've got a lead on changing the status on the dead ends, speak up in the thread or PM me (As an example, I offer each and every one of Interplay's back catalog, including things such as Kingpin, Freespace2, etc. as we had someone point us in the direction of Good Old Games, who has current publication rights to Interplay's stuff and have indicated that they're not against the idea, but are understaffed to accomplish the work...)... I'll be putting up more edits to this post as I tabulate all the requests. We've got a nifty list and I need to follow up on some of the realistic ones. Keep the realistic suggestions coming, gang.

    Dead Ends:

    No One Lives Forever (Lithtech - No Lithtech engine games are practical right at the moment...)
    Psychonauts (After finding out what Majesco did to at least one studio, we don't want to deal with them- sorry...)
    Wing Commander (EA property...code's likely to not be available at this point with Origin effectively defunct...)
    Oblivion (Prime AAA title- not without loads of cash... )
    Morrowind (Ditto...)
    Portal (Any of the Valve stuff's up in the air- someone may well be doing all of Orange Box and Steam...)
    Diablo II
    StarCraft II
    Diablo III (Gimme a break, guys... This isn't a pie in the sky list...)
    KotOR 2 (Not that anyone would WANT that title... )
    Any of the GTA titles.
    America's Army (We HAD a version of this guys, but the DoD decided it was not a big enough payoff...)
    System Shock (Studio defunct- no clear title to code known, nor do we know if it's available at all...)
    System Shock II (Ditto...)
    Rise of the Triad (Ryan already beat us to it...go over to if you've got the assets. )
    Call of Duty 4
    Unreal Tournament 3 (Uh, supposedly Epic's still working on this...)
    Syndicate I
    Syndicate II
    Syndicate Wars
    Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth
    Any title from the Tom Clancy series
    Any of the Lemmings versions
    Dragon Age (If there is going to be a version, it'll be up to EA and Bioware...)
    Masters of Orion 1 or 2
    Slamtilt (Actually, ANY of the 21st Century Entertainment titles are this way...)
    Interstate 76
    SimCity (Already GPLed and out under the name "Metropolis" in all of it's ancient glory...)
    Neverwinter Nights 2 (Atari published property- need I say more?)
    Jedi Knights II
    Jedi Academy
    ST:Elite Force
    ST:Elite Force II
    Max Payne (Anything, really, from out of Remedy Entertainment because of close ties with Microsoft... )
    Dawn Of War and expansions
    Harpoon III (Initial Contacts made, looked promising...then it fizzled for no apparent reasons...)


    Soldier of Fortune (Hinges on Raven still having the Loki developed source tree- otherwise it's not worth it.)
    Soldier of Fortune II
    Gothic 3
    IL-2 Sturmovik
    Project Offset
    Grand Prix Legends
    Sam and Max Episodes
    Deus EX (Hinges on finding someone with the old Loki codebase that'll be able to grant publication rights)
    Deus EX 2
    Age of Wonders
    FlatOut 2
    Rome: Total War
    Tale Worlds (Some DRM concerns there...)
    GTR2 (10tacle in recievership- need to find out who is studio, etc...)
    Crysis (Initial contact made...we'll see...)
    ARMA (Initial contact made...we'll see...)
    Falcon 4 (Initial contact word back from them...)
    (Moved to the "maybe" list because there's no clear title to what we have in hand...checking into it, but
    for right now, don't hold your breath...)
    Witchaven I
    Witchaven II

    Being Looked Into:

    Freespace 2 (We've got code- need to get rights for assets for commercial release if possible...)
    Project Aftermath
    The Path
    And Yet It Moves
    Civilization IV
    HoverRace (Clean up initial port...)
    Sins of a Solar Empire
    Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs. Hokum (EECH - Source code being looked at...)
    Track Mania
    Earth 2150
    Escape Velocity Series
    Natural Selection 2
    Alpha Centauri
    Redneck Rampage Series
    Fallout 2
    Hostile Waters: Anteus Rising

    Deals Closed and in Development

    Europa Universalis Engine (EU, EU2, etc...)

    Projects now shipping

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