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Thread: PTS Logo Contest (Phoronix Test Suite)

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    Default PTS Logo Contest (Phoronix Test Suite)


    With the PTS GUI now mainly finished, and Michael working on making it all "tick", PTS is needing a logo.

    If you're an artistic type, feel free to add your submissions here. If no, go out and ask artists that you know!

    The deadline is 20th of July. Still, feel free to submit early

    What is needed

    - a favicon

    - 50x50 picture to be used for the program logo - so it'll show up in the applications menu, the dock, and in the window picture. svg preferrable.

    - large picture (around or more than 300x50) picture, should include the words "Phoronix Test Suite", will be used on the website.

    And some additional info...

    - is your logo in svg format, or can you stick around and help us with the artwork when needed?

    - are you willing to design the look for PTS Global? No website design skills (html, css) are required - only graphics are.

    - please answer here.


    I am pleased to announce that JA_SAM and Gimper have won the contest. Due to the very close competition between all of them, JA_SAM was chosen as the winner with the below graphic:

    Gimper was chosen as the runner-up with his logo.

    Once again, thanks to everyone who submitted a design and there were some really great graphics among them!

    Submissions to date

    - danfuhry (posts: click, click)

    - days_of_ruin (posts: click, click)

    - some-guy (posts: click, click, click, click, click)

    - llogg (posts: click, click, click, click)

    - niniendowarrior (posts: click, click)

    - JA_SAM (posts: click, click, click)

    - zsouthboy (post: click)

    - m10. (post: click)

    - swantonbomb88 (post: click)

    - Gimper (post: click)

    - nazo (post: click)

    - Ai8iopas (post: click)

    - rigobot (posts: click, click)

    - Magstina (post: click)

    - Giant Speck (post: click)

    - mmx1 (post: click)
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