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Thread: PTS: ATI x1950pro vs NV 7900gs

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    Default PTS: ATI x1950pro vs NV 7900gs

    Hello everyone. From the dawn of time, 'nix users have always advocated Nvidia graphics cards for 3d. I decided to see if that was still valid. For this reason, even for usage with my Windows boxen, I tended toward buying Nvidia cards. When ATI announced and started delivering on their promise of open specs, I decided to purchase the best ATI cards that I could find without any DRM. That last condition made it more difficult that it should've been. In the end, the highest end cards I ended up with were two x1950pro's with 512MB ram and no HDCP Now that the Phoronix Test Suite exists, I have an easy and standardized way of comparing hardware on Linux, and that is what I have done

    Test: Since the best ATI card I have is an x1950pro, I needed to compare it to a similar card. My factory overclocked MSI 7900GS fit that bill.

    MSI 7900GS Specs:
    Model: NX7900GS T2D512E
    Core Clock: 550MHz Stock 7900GS: 450MHz
    Mem Clock: 700MHz Stock 7900GS: 660MHz
    Mem Size: 512MB x 256bit

    Jetway X1950PRO Specs:
    Model: X19PRED512M
    Core Clock: 575MHz
    Mem Clock: 690MHz
    Mem Size: 512MB x 256bit

    Test System:
    CPU: Intel E6600 @ 266 x 9
    RAM: 2 x 1 GB Patriot DDR2 800 LLK @ 533 3-3-3-10-1T
    HDD: PATA WD 80GB (big bottleneck here)
    Sound: None
    OS: Ubuntu 8.04 64-bit (see exact setup at bottom)

    PTS Results:
    I ran this test to see how the drivers for both cards would affect system performance. They were equal
    etqw-demo I ran the etqw tests without soft particles because it would crash that ATI system.
    This was a BIG victory for the x1950pro
    This one was closer
    7900GS pwnage
    glmark6 (These glmark tests look the same, but I'm including it anyway )
    Small victory for 7900GS
    Very close, but ATI leads
    7900GS pwnage
    7900GS leads
    7900GS pwnage
    7900GS victory
    7900GS victory
    I don't even think the x1950pro showed up
    x1950pro leads

    Apart from the x11perf result, fans of both sides can feel good about these results. Back in the day, ATI was downright terrible, but now they are beating NV in some of the tests. NV has always been the best and while they still are for the most part, they have some competition now Since ATI has promised specs and started delivering on them, they are the clear choice if you want an awesome Linux the future. Even though ATI is including DRM with their products (bad Vista, bad), I still intend to buy a 4870 1GB for my next system. While the introduction of DRM is a big step back, sharing the specs of their cards is a big step forward and that should mean a lot when you are shopping for a new gfx card. Hopefully when non-M$ users make up more of AMD/ATI's customer base, they can make the DRM optional (or when Intel's Larrabe wipes the floor with their cards and they need to compete on every level just to survive ).

    I am putting the software setup at the bottom because it is fairly long. I used the Ubuntu 8.04 AMD-64 Alternate CD for the OS installs. The drivers I manually installed were 8.5 for ATI and 173.14.09 for Nvidia. The ATI test was run first which is why their latest driver wasn't used. I also ran the ATI tests with the 1.01 version of PTS which is why some of the newer tests weren't included.

    Install from Alternate CD -> 1 GB Swap
    Install updates
    Remove Evolution/help from panel, add Terminal and Sys Monitor
    Set vm.swappiness=0 in /etc/sysctl.conf
    Enable Menu Editor in Other Tree, Enable Config Editor in Sys Tools Tree, Enable Control Center in System menu and Preferences Tree
    Turn off Mouse Acceleration in Config Editor
    Disable Bluetooth Support
    Set Monitor to never turn off, disable suspend button, turn off sound notifications in Power Management
    Disable Automatic Import from Digi Cam in Rem. Dr. and Media
    Set Refresh to 75 in Screen Res
    Disable Screensaver
    Disable Indexing
    Turn off Bluetooth, HW Drivers, Evo Al Not, Print Queue, Tracker, Tracker Applet, Update Notifier, User Folders Update, and Visual Assistance from Sessions
    Turn off System Sounds, Log in/out sounds, and system beep in Sounds
    Disable Bluetooth, CPU Freq, Printer service in Services
    Enable Backports, Disable Update check, set release upgrade to normal in Software Sources
    Set Delete downloaded packages after installation and delete cached packages in Synaptic Prefs
    Disable "quiet splash" in /boot/grub/menu.lst
    Configure FF
    Install sysv-rc-conf
    In sysv-rc-conf disable bluetooth, cupsys, laptop-mode, powernowd, rsync, usplash
    Install build-essential, kernel source, nvidia-xconfig, ia32-libs
    Completely remove nvidia-kernel-common
    Press Ctrl-Alt-F2, login, cd /etc/init.d/, sudo killall gdm, sh, add "Option "NoPowerConnectorCheck" "true"" to xorg.conf if needed, startx
    Install linux-source, build-essential, fakeroot, dh-make, debhelper, debconf, libstdc++5, dkms, ia32-libs
    Install ATI Driver, hope for the best :)
    Squirm in agony and do aticonfig --install -f
    End specifics
    Disable Compiz
    Install + Patch PTS for etqw soft particles
    Set higest quality settings in driver
    Set Image Settings to High Quality, Texture Sharpening, Option "Coolbits" "1"
    etqw-demo  No soft particles
    glmark - vertex array, glsl per-pixel lighting
    gtkperf - combobox, drawing pixbufs, radiobutton
    x11perf - 500px compositing from pixmap to window
    etqw   No soft particles
    specviewperf9 - 3dsmax
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    Have you tried with FSAA forced?

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