I'm considering the possibility of seeling my Nvidia 7600GT card to buy an ATI x1650 Pro (or similar with the RXX series chip). This card seems to have a similar performance to mine and looks well supported (I was checking this and this) as references).

ATI has been looking currently more attractive by an open source viewpoint. But I'd like to know your opinion about this, and specifically about the following points:

- Vsync status. I've read in the forums about tearing problems. I'd like to know what can I expect for this aspect, both for 2D / 3D / video playing, in the cases you are using the Open Source driver and when you're using the FGRLX driver.

- Stability with the open source and fglrx driver. I've had a 9600XT some years ago. The open source driver was kind of incomplete and slow, but the closed one was so unstable that I remember that it was better to keep using the open source one.

- Suspend/resume functionality, also on both drivers.

Although my plan is to use the open source driver, it's important to know about the fglrx status as well, since if the open source driver is not "good enough" for some situation, I'll have the closed as an alternative. Choice is always good

Any comments / opinions about this will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!