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Thread: No More NVIDIA Driver Betas?

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    Default No More NVIDIA Driver Betas?

    The section added late last year for NVIDIA / Solaris / FreeBSD NVIDIA display drivers now appears to be eliminated.

    Attempting to get word from NVIDIA on this matter whether they have phased out their short-lived public Linux betas.

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    Ugh, looking forward to seeing what the response will be. Hopefully it's a mistake..

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    I have been told from NVIDIA that the public Betas will still exist.

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    It wouldn't matter anyway, right? NVIDIA announced they'll be switching to a monthly driver release (though I'm assuming they mean for the Winbloze platform only). Anything GNU/Linux-specific information would be much appreciated.

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    I don't think their Linux drivers will be on a monthly cycle. I asked about it.

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