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Thread: xvideo output under vlc with a 3870

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    Default xvideo output under vlc with a 3870

    3870 + cat 8.6 on hardy while trying to play back an xvid file:

    VLC media player 0.8.6e Janus
    X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)
      Major opcode of failed request:  140 (XVideo)
      Minor opcode of failed request:  19 ()
      Value in failed request:  0x4200006
      Serial number of failed request:  85
      Current serial number in output stream:  86
    switching to x11 gives fine playback - but isn't video acceleration only for xvideo?

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    Yeah, I got this error every now and then, too. The only thing that helps is removing stopping xorg, removing /etc/ati/amdpcsdb and starting xorg again. Then XVideo tends to work nicely again.

    Do not ask me why this work, it is just the way it is...

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