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    I also feel this article is somewhat insulting towards Gentoo.
    I understand though that when you're used to a distro like Ubuntu and are reading the release notes of Gentoo 2008.0 you might end up thinking "Meh, that sounds boring.", since you expect major changes on a new release. But it's not fair to write an article without digging any further into the marteria. People who've never before heard of Gentoo and who read the article might get the impression they'll only get a XFCE Desktop with X Server 1.3 and GCC 4.1.2 with Gentoo, but this couldn't be less true. One of the great things about Gentoo is you can use it to build any system you like, it can be rock-solid or bleeding edge. The only other distros I can think of that give you anything close to this freedom are Debian (my second favorite distro ) and LFS (I guess, never really tried it myself).

    Or long post put short: There's nothing to fix on a already perfect distribution.
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