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Thread: UT3 Linux Client Is "In The Works"

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    Another shocking stat is that of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. Though not as large as HL or Q3A, it does have quite some players on it (or it was when I saw the stats last night). These stats are interesting in deed. Alas, they may represent but a fraction of the total of games servers.

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    Which brings me to the question. Recently, the .map source of the wolfenstein ET levels were released, in celebration of the 5 years of wolf:ET. Does anyone think the full source code of wolf:ET would be released? Im not that interested in that game per se, but my question goes into the question of whether they (Splash Damage) release the source code of the games they made, when the IP doesnt belong to them. If thats the case, then eventually the source code of Quake Wars with its cool megatexture would be released.

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