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Thread: WINE Version 0.9.18 Released

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    Default WINE Version 0.9.18 Released

    This is release 0.9.18 of Wine, a free implementation of Windows on Unix.

    What's new in this release:
    - Still more work on Direct3D.
    - A lot of MSI bug fixes and improvements.
    - More compatible memory management.
    - Several fixes for Win64 support.
    - Some performance improvements.
    - Lots of bug fixes.

    Apparently it improves game support and with little tweaking, you can get HL2 to run fine. I've never been able to get HL2 to run through Wine, so I am going to give this new version a shot.

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    I'm not able to compile Wine anymore for some odd reason (getting configure warnings about certain kernel headers, input.h and joystick.h) and at some specific point during make, the compiler will spew out parse errors regarding those headers.

    Anyway, the package available for my distro works great, so I am currently using that. I much prefer to compile software on my own, though, as a regular user, mainly so that I don't have to interfere with the distro environment.

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