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Yeah -- if you look at the display controller then 4xx/5xx is the logical split, but if you look at acceleration then 5xx/6xx makes a lot more sense.

The radeonhd initiative was driven by the need for modesetting support, while the post-4xx radeon work was driven by the need for acceleration support. We hope the two efforts can pull together over time. I suspect that once we reach a common understanding on requirements, priorities, design / coding practices and the importance of things like kernel modesetting the rest will be easy
I read that the reason Red Hat is devoting man hours in this is because they have customers demand. Or if I remember right, they said they had one customer that could see a business model for OSS gfx drivers.

So I am wondering, is Novell's and Red Hat's demands/needs the same?

E.g. does Red Hat put emphasis on something else than Novell?