getting fglrx to work with hardy was a chore,
since it required discovering that my ASUS motherboard needs
the patch from http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6350#c70
to get a usable AGP aperature.
This was with an ATI HD2600 Pro AGP card and catalyst 8.5. However, while for native games like bzflag, the 3d support works fine (modulo some instability: screen lockup and 2-3-times daily crashes), it's not enough to get wine/WoW working.

With WoW, I have nearly-working video. It looks like all the bits are there, but it's as if someone jumbled a magic-square game with long-flat rectangles moved to the wrong positions. I can see pixels move, but once-contiguous objects are now rendered in many separate rectangles scattered around the display.