Hello there! Long time lurkers first post and im asking advice!

I have given up with my radeon HD 2400 on most levels and unfortunatly isnt enough to run what i need now in Linux. The main things i use are grahpical apps (blender and gimp). I also like to use second life. Ive only got an AGP slot on my PC so i think im kinda limited.

I sort of have an option though. I have a radeon x1950 PCIE boxed and never used. Ive got a case with 4 slots at the back (midi case i think its called). So im debating if i should upgrade my motherboard or get a new AGP card.

If it helps any, System reqs for Second Life: Linky

Regardless of what it says under system reqs, from what i understand theres been a lot of problems with all the HD cards and they possibly arnt the best card to get. Im kinda paranoid after the HD 2400 and working drivers now So, does the x1950 pro work well on linux? Would it be fine with Blender and Secound Life? If sticking with AGP for the time being is fine, what card should i get? Or what motherboard should i get...

Thanks for any replys!