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Thread: Razer To Enter Gaming PC Market?

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    Could Razer be the next manufacturer entering into the business of producing high-end gaming PCs? Up to this point they have produced a variety of professional gaming peripherals such as the Barracuda AC-1, Tarantula, and the DeathAdder, but could gaming PCs be their next step? Recently Microsoft had teamed up with Razer to rejuvenate the PC gaming experience with new peripherals, and in the past Razer has been the official mouse for the CPL World Tour along with winning two Red Dot design awards. Earlier this week I received a message from a Razer associate that leads me to believe Razer will be entering the PC market or is at least considering to do so.

    If Razer does end up entering the high-end gaming PC market it will certainly be interesting to see what innovations they can provide along with the greater competition against Falcon Northwest, Alienware, and the like. If Razer is indeed entering the retail PC market, they are still likely months away from entering the market.

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    This is very, very interesting. If indeed this news turns out to be true, I'll be the first one to buy a PC from them. Razer always had a thing for gaming, and I'm confident that they can produce the best PC's for us.

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