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Thread: ati radeon 4850 on BSD + Solaris

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    hmm.. well that kills that Idea.. I wanted to see how different Ubuntu and BSD are... because I really just want to get my server running properly again.. and have some fun with compiz,gimp,etc.. The only problem with BSD is I want OpenPanel and its ported to Ubuntu but not BSD

    But the other thread talking about the ubuntu driver for 4850s; would it support 2400HD better then the radeon and should i try that or will it not work on bsd? , instead of the ati driver? because I have also noticed that twice i have upgraded my xorg to 7.4 and it refuses to upgrade my xorg-drivers to 7.4 and all the xf86-video drivers fail everytime and then compiz and kde crap out on me.. Like it will skip them on a portupgrad xorg, and if i force them xorg total stops working..
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    Quote Originally Posted by spkert View Post
    I should have been more specific.
    I will do my gaming in Windows,
    but I want to try DesktopBSD, PCBSD
    and OpenSolaris and many Linux Distros
    on my new PC. I do not want to use integrated graphics.
    For now 2D on these will be fine.
    Would I be better off with an Nvidea video card ?
    Better drivers ?
    You're in luck! I just checked the nVidia driver download page and it had options for BOTH Solaris and *BSD driver downloads. I don't know how good they are, and I suspect that they don't get updated as often as the Windows/Solaris drivers do.

    nVidia is just really good about drivers... unless you're an OSS fascist...

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