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Thread: AMD Releases New AtomBIOS Parser

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    Default AMD Releases New AtomBIOS Parser

    Phoronix: AMD Releases New AtomBIOS Parser

    Last September AMD had provided an open-source AtomBIOS parser for use by the RadeonHD driver in order to communicate with this video BIOS abstraction layer found on the past few generations of ATI graphics cards. While we are still waiting on the R600 sample source-code and 3D register documentation to arrive, AMD has today released a new AtomBIOS parser. This parser is coming out of their KGrids project, which we have previously mentioned in the past, and will allow for a clean AtomBIOS parser to enter the Linux kernel.

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    Well basically all compiler warnings from the radeon drivers come from the ATOM BIOS parser, hopefully they fixed those

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