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Thread: Splashtop on recovery partition called by laptop button

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    Question Splashtop on recovery partition called by laptop button

    Hey guys, I just got a new Sony CW laptop. Sony decided to remove the web button they had that booted splashtop. Instead they replaced it with an assist button when pressed would call bootmanager and load their hidden recovery partition.

    Using easybcd I was able to modify the bcd of the hidden partition and added a GRUB2 entry. Now when I use this button I can get to the stripped down command line of grub2 when I press my button when the PC is off. I tried copying the expressgate from asus into the hidden partition hoping I would be able to start it using this GRUB bcd entry but I have no clue what I am doing this is my first exposure to linux.

    I was wondering if what I want is even doable or if I should just give up. The reason I think this might work is because the button seems to boot to that parition directly without noticing the main parition on the drive.

    I could use any help!


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    I forgot to mention:
    And when in the command line I can see all the files for the express gate asus.sys and asus.000 just no clue how the hell to get it started I tried the kernel command on every possible file. I even uncompressed the ce.cex file into ce and tried to load it and no go.

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