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    TransGaming is pleased to announce the July 18th release of Cedega 5.2.3, codenamed Seabass which includes updates to the increasingly easier to use Cedega User Interface and some minor fixes to the Cedega engine. Our latest addition, the GDDB, has been given a shiny new update, allowing subscribers to download updated GDDB files. Game notes have now been divided into General, Install and Play sections allowing users to better view information available for any game. TransGamers can now have multiple shortcuts for the same executable all with different settings. As well the ability to rename game folders, remove engines and specify a preferred web browser have been added. A host of additional fixes have made Cedega even easier to use than ever before.

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    Sounds cool.

    Michael, are the games stable on both nVidia and ATi? Do they lock up the whole system?

    Performance hits, I think are kind of expected... I'm concerned if Cedega has a bad habit of locking up with the latest drivers.

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    I haven't tried Cedega since 5.1... but if the trend continues, the NVIDIA 1.0-8762 drivers work fine with Cedega, and so do ATI fglrx as well, except for a few ATI problems.

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    Cedega 5.2.5 is now out with various game fixes AND it finally corrects long-standing issues with Cedega and the ATI fglrx display drivers.

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    Aha, something to look forward to. Thanks for the heads up, Michael!

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    lol im still having problem...

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