Hi Everyone, as a long suffering AMD fan i have been waiting for a decent AM2+ Motherboard with the SB750 and have been putting off my upgrade until they appear

I have now had my interest peaked by the new 790GX chipset. to me the are identical feature wise with the 790FX except from the Dual 8x pci-e slots (which is a mute point as Crossfire maybe coming but not here yet)

so considering that most MB with the 790GX set may sell cheaper than the new hawkfish board because of IGP that is still yet to see the light of day, and also that the only games I regularly play are UT2004, their mods and ut3 (fingers crossed) am i better just getting a 790GX board + 4850 card and saving some money with a cheaper board? will the restricted lanes ever hinder the performance if we are ever able to go crossfire?