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Thread: 790GX Vs new 790FX "hawkfish" MB's

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    Quote Originally Posted by energyman View Post
    well, there is one thing - all the tests are windows test. So they aren't very useful. I am at the moment looking for a new board. And I found that Vista SP1 greatly reduces the usb performance of amd southbridges. So.. if the tests were done with Vista SP1 you can ignore them.
    Really ? Then I guess we need some "standardised" tests...

    How about Linux 2.6.26 i686 Kernel and EXT3 file system ?

    PS: I suppose the speed would be higher with XFS ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanjo View Post
    I did not say you cannot OC with the BIOS. ACC is all about overclocking, that's it's sole purpose. It has also been proven time and time again that with ACC people are getting substantially higher OC's with it. What a utility allows via software is the ability to OC when needed and cut back when it's not without having to jump into the bios everytime to revert settings when OCing is or not needed. Nothing like roasting up a system websurfing and then having to reboot and the OC back up when you want to do something like video encoding, rendering or something else that can benifit from the extra boost in speed. One of the key features of linux is the ability to go eons without rebooting. A software app allows the dynamic clocking based on the current need without having to reboot.
    I agree that a software tool for overclocking would be nice. Apparently phenom use msr's to set a lot of these parameters, which I would guess AOD might use, too. I played around with setting the msr's, but didn't see any noticeable effects for over/underclocking. I was able to disable the TLB fix on a phenom 9600 by modifying the proper msr (my bios doesn't have an option for it). I posted that in the forums here.

    There are details on setting speeds/voltages/etc here:

    Maybe someone with some more time can figure out if it is possible to change this on the fly in linux.

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    the speed would be highest with reiser4
    and don't forget the barrier option - ext3 hates your data so it is turned of, while reiserfs and xfs love your data and have it turned on.

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