I have a M2N32-SLI DELUXE motherboard AM2 processor.

I am a new guy to Linux; don't know too many Linux commands or other things.

Recently, I downloaded several iso's of Ubuntu. I tried the 32 bit one, and the 64 bit one. I tried 6.06. I tried 6.10. Essentially, nothing worked. The disks lock up on bootup.

Does anyone have any answers to the following:

1. What version should I use?
2. How can I get the version to run?
3. If there are special boot commands, what are they? What is the correct syntax and where do the commands go?

Believe me, I have tried all the obvious answers such as checking the hash, verifying the disk. Re-burning at slower speeds etc. The problem is clearly more complex than those.

Thanks for your attention.