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Thread: SuSE 10.2 Alpha 1 Released

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    Default SuSE 10.2 Alpha 1 Released

    SUSE Linux 10.2 Alpha 1 is available
    It has one major problem, but it is highly usable apart from that.

    * The installation using the GUI interface does not work,
    please select "Text Mode" when booting from CD media (#183827)
    * download of release notes does fail (server side issue)

    The difference to SL 10.1 is mainly in version updates in some areas (esp. the
    YaST package manager and KDE).

    For details on delta ISOs, please read:

    Please read the complete list of Known Issues at:

    Have a lot of fun!
    Didn't it seem like SuSE 10.1 just came out yesterday? Well, less than a month ago. All of Mr. Schr?ter's message can be read @

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    Yes, talk about quick. I just got my boxed copy of 10.1 too... what a rip

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