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Thread: SIGGRAPH 2008 Graphics Coverage

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    Default SIGGRAPH 2008 Graphics Coverage

    Phoronix: SIGGRAPH 2008 Graphics Coverage

    Taking place this week in Los Angeles, California is SIGGRAPH 2008, which is one of the best and most well known graphics conferences. We aren't attending this conference, but the biggest news to have come out of it so far this week has been the OpenGL 3.0 (and GLSL 1.30) release...

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    I notice Nvidia already has OGL3 drivers for windows(177.89). New linux drivers should be soon to follow.

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    Well, if opengl 3.0 is easier to develop for and keep track of than opengl 2.1, that's not really a bad thing. Gnome 3.0 may see a similar fate. Just take all the best extensions and integrate them coherently.

    What I /really/ want to see in linux graphics drivers though is Direct3D9+. I think WINE invites a lot of bugs and performance waste with it's D3D->GLSL stuff.

    We won't have true feature parity with windows graphics drivers until WINE can pipe DirectX right to the gpu.

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