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By the by, I suspect they might actually care. There's a lot of people honestly looking for a better answer- Vista's NOT it and it's putting a big bar towards new machine sales, with people trying to figure out ways of getting XP or looking at "that there Linux thing" (yes...I've fielded LOTS of answers to people lately about it...). They're looking for a way out of the mill MS has set up for everyone. If you could show them that the cool games they're buying right now could be actually moved over and be supported on Linux, they'd be very interested in many cases. Don't let the leet crap going on in forums like [H]ardOCP and elsewhere fool you. If we could have a viable gamer space going on right now, you'd see a LOT of people make the jump because they see what Linux brings to the table. Right now, we don't have one- because of some of what deanjo commented on as perceptions, and every bit of what I commented on as perceptions (and to some extent, reality...)
Yeah thats true.. I guess I just got a sour taste in my mouth lately due to the latest events and its just kinda gotten to me. Sorry guys, but yeah you're right, the game would need to be very kick ass, which could be done, but it would take a hell of a commitment and I don't know how many guys out there would be willing to make such a commitment for free. Probably not as many as we hope.

But as far as what you're saying about people coming over, yeah, even Wine could partially pull it off to some degree if it could just run some of those games flawlessly, but Wine just isn't a overall solution, its more of a bandaid. I do know exactly what you're talking about though, I've read some Windows gaming forums here and there throughout the months and I see people all the time saying that they would be willing to depart from Windows if they could just get their favorite games, alot of people were saying they wanted Team Fortress 2/Steam then they would. But I don't think that whole Steam coming to Linux thing/rumor is really working out as well as we would had hoped.