I know not where else to ask this, so here it goes:

I just bought a Transcend JetFlash V30 2GB Pen Drive. I want to optimize it for performance. I also want to run a distro through it. Please give me some good advice for this.

1. I plan to use the YAFFS2 file system for maximum performance on flash memory. HOW do I do it on linux ? I run Arch now, and I am planning to move to slackware when I have free time.

2. I want to run a distro in this, but the distro should NOT make any changes to data on the drive, and must behave like a live CD unless I explictly state it to apply changes to the drive. This I want to do to increase life span since flash has limited write cycles. So no system logging for me please. WHICH distro do I use ?

3. I need some space for exchanging data with windows PCs too, and I want to know which FS is better - NTFS or FAT32. And if I end up ending the life of this partition due to frequent usage, would I still be able to use the remaining space in the pen drive ?

4. Are there any good enryption mechanisms for data ?