So one of my friends was going to get me a laptop, and in the end, the choices he gave me were very similar, mainly differing in the IGP.
And they were:
Intel GMA 950
GeForce 7000M (I never heard of it untill I saw it on the laptop)
Intel GMA X3100 (I'm not even sure this one's an option, there are way too many games that don't run on it on linux)

First of all, which one of these is faster?

Also, can you even run games like Savage, Regnum Online and such on and Intel card? I tried for days on my friend's PC with a X3100 and it never worked. Even Cedega and Wine didn't work well.

Last, would any of these be able to handle running World of Warcraft or Urban Terror at 1024x768 at medium/low settings without dropping below 15~20 FPS?