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Thread: Which gfx card: Nividia 8800 GT(X) or ATI HD4850?

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    perhaps one of you guys with a 4870 (claiming that fglrx works well) could post your xorg.
    i have a 4870, and performance is terrible (worse than my laptop's onboard intel!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by oblidor View Post
    I'm looking for a good gfx card that works fine in Linux. (I'll probably use it for some gaming in Windows, but Linux will be used 95% of the time)
    In all honesty, never buy something trusting on future performance or development, so the better card now is the Nvidia.

    Drivers easy to install,
    good video/opengl/wine performance,
    less power needed and heat generated,
    cheaper price...

    Yeah, I know Nvidia cards have their share of problems too, like all hardware, but is not a pain like Ati cards.
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