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Thread: Update on Adobe Linux Flash Player

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    Excellent. Will there be amd64 support?

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    It's hard to say... he didn't address the question in any of the comments. I hope there would be... I can't understand why there wouldn't be...

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    There should [finally!] be x86_64 support with this upcoming Linux version of Flash.

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    That would be great Michael... and about time. I will probably make my move to 64-Bit on my main machine when that happens. I personally am looking forward to better support in general. I often visit websites that won't function properly due to an older flash version.

    Only a matter of time now...

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    This should be encouraging developments on the Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux.

    A *BIG* hug to Adobe!

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    Further developments. This is definitely good news. Soon we will have that shiny Flash Player 9 on Linux!

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    Yes... can't wait. It's about time, I can say that much. I've recently been emulating the Windows version of Firefox with Flash 9 plugin, and I can say it's actually reliable. It's going to be great to have a native version though.

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    Here is an interview with the lead engineer of the Linux Flash dept. He did not mention anything regarding a 64-Bit version, so it's looking sketchy there.

    He did casually mention that it's a feature people could request, but I find it bizarre that people would need to request it. It's obvious that it's wanted.

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    Looks like a Beta will be out soon, and the final release to come in Q1'07.

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    First Screenshot of Flash Player 9 on Linux:

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