Hi, everybody!

I have a problem for fedora 9 login, I can't login normal use all users,the detail as follow,

I use the command PREUPGRADE update the Fedora 8 to Fedora 9, during processing ever appear some dependency problem, and some conflict.

and I have ever dropdown the f9 Xserver to f8 Xserver in order to install the ati AGP card driver.

but when the fedora 9 upgrade have finished, in the X window login interface, I type the user and password after a few second then recover to login interface, the situation like the user had logout.

moreover, in text login I type the root and password then show error as "NO root directory, login in home '/' but other user be not appear this problem.

in text login interface
if I type command 'startX' then show error as
'timeout in locking authrity file /.../.ICEauthorty
timeout in locking authrity file /root/.Xauthorty'
all user login will show above error message

which is problem?

Thank you .