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Thread: Mesa 7.1 Released, X.Org 7.4 Coming!

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    Thanks a lot. I'll probably will need to draw a chart, using everything that I read here..

    Quote Originally Posted by bridgman View Post
    Video playback is handled by the X driver, which in turn may load and use a DRM driver (aka kernel driver), in which case the X driver will normally talk through the DRM driver to control the chip. I'll explain why in a bit.


    In this model, 2D and video acceleration went through the X server, the X driver, and the DRM driver, while 3D acceleration went directly to Mesa and then the DRM driver.
    Sorry, does it mean that Direct 3D calls are not used, when playing Videos, and it's closer to 2D in the way how it's performing? Why it flickers in Compiz, just like any other 3D app, then?

    I mean.. Is there a chance that the Video would be played in with Desktop Effects enabled _before_ DRI2 implementation?

    By the way: were there any considerations about having some sort of "X Windows system: Desktop edition" - without Network transparency requirements or so (I mean, free of "Client-server" model).
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